A.G.E: Treatment and Experience.

A.G.E: Treatment and Experience.

Sal recently had the A.G.E treatment at the brilliant Spruce House. Spruce House is the only location in Norwich to provide pHformula and is run by Claire Williams, who has over 14 years in the industry.

Sal spoke to us about her experience and the amazing effects it has already had on her life.

What products of the range have you been enjoying?

I have been having the anti-age treatments along with the Vit C, anti-redness depending on what Claire thinks my skin needs on each visit. I also use the moisturiser and CC cream. I love the CC cream it produces a great coverage without feeling heavy on the skin and last for ages it really is a must have in my makeup bag!

How would you describe the treatment process?

The first time I had it Claire and I talked about it feeling like ants with hot feet walking over your skin but it is in no way intolerable and as soon as you are fanned the feeling soon passes. During my first treatments, Claire from Spruce House took the time to explain the whole process, how it might feel etc and constantly checks that I am okay throughout the whole treatment which was very re-assuring early on and put me at ease. It may not be as relaxing as a traditional facial but the results are truly fantastic far better than most traditional facials. Having now had the treatments for about 18 months – 2 years -I am now very used to the sensation and it is almost negligible.

How has pHformula impacted your daily life and/or well-being?

I am very fortunate to have quite good skin anyway, therefore, the only real thing I was looking for, was what most ladies nearing their later years are which is to retain as much of a youthful glow (whilst not looking plastic!) as I can. pHformula has certainly had a good impact on my skin, I am constantly told I don’t look my age (49 and three-quarters!) which is partly down to genes I know, but I have no doubt that the treatments that I’ve had at Spruce House, in particular, the pHforumla ones have had a big impact on this and I am delighted with the results.

What are the most significant changes of note in your skin now from how it was previously?

It just seems more radiant and smooth than before which means that I have to use less makeup to get a good finish on my makeup which is great. I no longer have to wear full coverage foundation to get the coverage over the redness in my cheeks- just the CC cream and a tiny bit under my cheek bones to cover the slight redness. I think that the treatments have helped (along with a bit of baby botox) to keep those deeper lines at bay which all helps to keep me looking and most importantly feeling younger.

I cannot recommend pHformula enough, it certainly has made a great difference to the quality and tone of my skin and more people should be using it. I also have to commend Claire from Spruce House to bringing it into my life she is a very skilled therapist and it’s her forward thinking in using these products which have allowed me to benefit from positive outcomes of pHformula.


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