Hydrating Skin with pHformula

Hydrating Skin with pHformula

Hydrating Skin With pHformula

We are all familiar with the dry, flaky skin we can be left with due to lack of water, but are we all familiar as to why this happens?

The body is made up of about 60-70% water so it’s no surprise that skin cells need water as a vital source to function. Without water, the loss of firmness and resilience will make your skin feel tight and uncomfortable. With skin cells acting as our protective barrier, dehydrated skin is also more prone to the effects of harmful environmental elements such as pollution, UV radiation, smoke and dust, all of which decrease water in the skin. It is also important to hydrate skin all year round, not just in extreme heat or cold. Natural elements effect the skin everyday.


Everybody knows that drinking water is the most simple and easy way to stay hydrated, and it can indeed produce noticeable results in the skin. Breakouts often occur because of toxins, bacterial overgrowth and hormonal imbalances which cause oil to spread along with the bacteria into the epidermis, so flushing out your body with plenty of water will produce a healthy inside and outside. Water intake doesn’t have to just be water, fruits, vegetables, omega-3 and vitamin E packed foods all contain higher levels of water also.  We all know that a moisturising face wash can also do wonders, but it is vital to avoid the use of hot water on the skin, as this will strip the natural oils which accelerate levels of dryness.


An obvious way to combat dry skin for most people is to apply a rich moisturiser, which can cause negative impacts for the skin if done incorrectly. Those prone to oily skin are likely to need less moisturiser, and over moisturising can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. The other extreme can be that those with oily skin don’t believe they need to moisturise at all, which also incorrect. A gentle, light moisturiser is the perfect choice for all skin tpHformula Hydra Serumypes, to maintain a healthy balance of hydration.


Serums are becoming the new go-to products to replace moisturisers for a lot of us. As opposed to creams, they contain smaller molecules that can penetrate the layers of skin directly, leading to more direct and intense hydration. There’s no need to swap your creams out for serums, but applying a serum directly after toning or cleansing will help it infiltrate into the skin more effectively.

Often more potent with active ingredients, a little amount of serum can go a long way. pHformula HYDRA serum is no exception and is intensely concentrated to penetrate the deepest surface layers of the skin. The serum contains hyaluronic acid and a 3D Hydra complex that boost collagen and hydration which work away fine lines and wrinkles with regular use. Working in a similar way, the VITA C serum tackles dehydrated skin with fine lines, but containing antioxidant properties of vitamin c, is it also ideal for boosting skin’s brightness and reducing the dull appearance.



As opposed to being directly absorbed and penetrated into the skin, oil tends to be a nourishing substance of thicker molecules that tend to prep and plump the skin leaving a luxurious finish, as opposed to evaporating into it. Many oils will not reach multiple layers of the skin due to their molecular sizes and are used to infuse more generous amounts of nutrients and antioxidant properties the larger molecules can carry.  pHformula SOS Oil differs with molecules that still integrates into multiple skin layers.

The active contains a unique combination of oils with argan, almond, jojoba, sesame and olive oil working alongside vitamins C and E. Due it’s thicker substance than serums, it acts as a protective layer to the skin, providing a firm natural barrier against the elements.

After Care 

Many of us are aware of ‘after sun’ products that contain natural anti-inflammatory properties such as aloe vera. Many after sun products contain high levels of alcohol, which although provides us that relieving feeling of cooling down, they can dry out the skin and strip it of vital oils. Gels can often act as a more healthy method of calming skin, with high levels of molecular actives without alcohol, they can contain natural soothing properties.

pHformula soothing Hydra gel mask containing refreshing properties such as chicory root extract which tightens the skin and increased collagen synthesis to remove signs of fatigue and dehydration. As a molecule sponge with hyaluronic acid, the gel mask acts as a natural barrier to the skin whilst repairing previous damage.

pHformula can be tailored to your skin type and needs. Be sure to seek advice from pHformula skin specialists to obtain the best approach for your skin type and concerns. Find your nearest clinic and browse the daily skin care range on offer from pHformula.


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