ADK Skin Therapy

117 Newland Avenue Kingston upon Hull 

Tel: 07706 396494

My name is Dovile. I am a fully qualified Beauty Therapist. I can help you to take care of your skin by choosing the right products for your skin and various facial procedures. Why I decided to study Beauty Therapy? When I was a teenager my skin wasn’t that perfect as my friends and other people around me. I started to feel embarrassed and insecure . All this time I was trying to find information about skin care, tried so many different cosmetics. To be honest it didin’t help as much as I would wanted it to. Therefore I decided to start studying about skin care and find out about skin more from the medicine side. Now I love to help other people to take care of their skin care and I must say this is the perfect job for me. This was my hobby, but now this is something I wanted to do. To me it is so important to work with professional skin care products. I want to make people happy by seeing  results of changes in their skin condition, as I can understand by own experience  how important this feeling is – to be happy and trusted by yourself!

BEnhance Your Beauty Skin Clinic

49-51 Listerhills Science Park Bradford

Tel: 07411450310

Welcome to Enhance Your Beauty
This skin clinic is ran under the personal management of myself, Shabana Bashir, a fully qualified beauty therapist with a special interest and passion for facials and skincare that really works. I come from a background in healthcare but decided to train in beauty and skincare after experiencing skincare issues myself and became fascinated with the way effective treatments can really make a difference.
Carrying eight years of experience with the skin and its function, I consider the efficacy of each and every treatment that I offer. It needs to sit comfortably with my personal and business ethics and I make sure that I am suitably qualified and insured to deliver it to you. With me there are no quick fixes. We will look at you, your skin and lifestyle as a whole to help determine your journey to stronger and healthier skin.

CESTE Beauty & Laser Clinic


Tel: 01302 340400




DLuciderm Aesthetics

Tel: 01642 386010

Gillian has been an advanced Aesthetician for 6 years and is currently running her own clinic in Stokesley. Qualified to the highest level, she provides a number of different treatments such as Microneedling and specialises in Laser and IPL, using industry leading medical grade equipment.


Contact: 01642 386010

EBase Skin Beauty

28 High Street Upton Pontefract

Tel: 01977 651551

We are skin specialists whilst also being purveyors of all things beauty and well being. We have partnered with some of the best brands in the industry that are guaranteed to make you look good, but feel even better! We offer treatments for general skin rejuvenation as well as for specific skin concerns like acne, chronic redness/rosacea, ageing or pigmented skin. These are treatments that work and get you the results you deserve.

christine clarke clinic pHformula UK

FChristine Clarke Clinic

908 Ecclesall Road
S11 8TR

Tel: 0114 268 2140

With over 35 years of experience in the field of skin management, the clinic delivers treatments that aim to fix skin disorders of all kinds. Christine has had some of the most outstanding results of any aesthetic nurse including results mentioned in our testimonials.

aquis aesthetics pHformula UK

GAquis Aesthetics

Suite 3
15 Thorne Road

Tel: 07892 737 486

In central Doncaster independent aesthetic nurse prescriber and practitioner Dawn Bowen specialises in non-surgical facial and body treatments to deliver high quality skin-care results to clients. As a prescriber, Dawn also greatly cares about the source of her products and proudly uses pHformula as a treatment that comes from a safe and reliable source.