The Effect Of Makeup On Your Skin

The Effect Of Makeup On Your Skin

Whether you enjoy spending a lot of time and money on it, or the use of it is a rare occasion for you, makeup is a part of a lot of our lives. We love it for a variety of reasons, be it the confidence it can give us, or the fun of experimenting. A statistic from the Renfrew Center Foundation even shows that 44% of women interviewed said they are dependent on cosmetic usage for self esteem. What is further more alarming is that in one survey an online makeup retailer found that young girls are starting to use makeup regularly as early as age 11, which can present issues for teenage skin health. Many of us who indulge in it are unaware of the negative effects excessive use of makeup can have on our skin. Rather than makeup being a solution to fix poor skin health, fixing our skin health should be the first priority.

“An effective skincare routine can sort out many of the issues we are using makeup to cover up”

Clogged Pores

Makeup such as foundations and concealers tend to form a barrier to the skin, preventing the skin to breathe effectively and causing a build up of dead skin cells, encouraging bacterial activity and hair follicles to be plugged with oil – causing spots. Sleeping in makeup especially, can cause visible signs of premature ageing alongside clogged pores. If wearing a foundation is part of your routine, you can decrease the negative effects of these products by choosing those designed for your skin type. Non-acnegenic or non-comedogenic bases are less likely to block pores.

We recommend also cleansing and exfoliating regularly, to ensure any dead skin cells are being removed, and the skin is being properly cleaned after prolonged periods of makeup wearing. pHformula’s E.X.F.O Cleanse is a gentle exfoliant, which helps to effectively remove makeup and impurities without irritating the skin.


You wouldn’t normally expose your body to chemicals and allergens that may have undesirable effects, yet many of us do this by use of makeup,  without even realising. Chemicals known as Parabens which include ethyl-paraben, butyl-paraben, and isopropyl-paraben are used as preservatives to prevent bacterial growth in many cosmetics. Parabens can cause various allergic reactions like skin irritation, blotches, and blemishes on the skin.

It’s always worth reading the ingredients of makeup you buy, to ensure it’s not containing anything that could irritate the skin, causing a flare up. pHformula’s carefully designed CC Cream contains no harmful ingredients and with rice bran oil and vitamin C, it leaves the skin feeling as soft and healthy as prior to application. Ideal for using over your moisturiser, the CC Cream is an ideal daily choice for a natural looking finish. It can also be worth patch testing a new foundation before application, if you have sensitive skin and are prone to reactions from makeup.


We are all guilty of hoarding our favourite lipstick, but the dangers of out of date makeup are very real. Makeup contains expiry dates in the same way as food, and you should be checking them regularly. Out of date makeup, especially mascara which is the ideal breeding ground for pseudomonas aeruginosa, can cause corneal infections, redness and sties. Makeup brushes should also be regularly washed and replaced, as dust and bacteria gathers on them as easily as it can around the house.

pHformula’s skincare products are designed to work together to aid makeup usage due to their formulas designed around skin health, so you can rest assure knowing you can enjoy makeup and look after your skin. Makeup such as foundations and powders can dry out the skin, which is why it’s important to remember to regularly use an oil or serum to properly hydrate and protect the skin. Regularly moisturising and removing makeup effectively will also maintain a healthy skin condition. pHformula’s Foam Cleanser ensures every last trace of makeup is removed.

Many of us spend more time and money on makeup than we do skincare. Makeup and skincare can work simultaneously, but it’s always important to remember that the key to healthy skin will be from an effective skincare routine, and not from covering up the problems with makeup. If you invest in good skincare products, you may find yourself ending up needing the extra spend on makeup. Locate your nearest clinic today for product information and advice.

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