The Seasons & your Skin

The Seasons & your Skin

We all adapt our wardrobe to the weather and changing seasons. In winter, we wear hats, gloves and coats as layers of protection against the bone-chilling cold. In contrast, in summer, we want to show more skin and feel the summer breeze, so we wear those cute dresses and trousers.

However, how many of you have ever thought of also changing your skin care routine with the seasons? Here is why you should consider a seasonal skincare routine with some tips and advice:



In winter, the humidity decreases and we switch on the central heating. This causes stress and dehydration for our delicate skin. To avoid common winter skin issues of cracking, chapping and irritation, moisturising is the key to success. Even if you do not use a body lotion in other seasons, you might want to consider adding it to your winter skincare routine. Using a rich moisturiser free from perfumes or colourants, can ensure your skin gets the little extra care it needs to fight against the cold weather and prevent further drying out.

Try applying after your shower to lock in moisture and keep your arms and legs silky smooth. Bundle up with gloves and a scarf to help minimise the biting wind drying out your skin. You might find it helpful to carry hand cream in your bag for quick moisturising on the go. Lastly try to also avoid harsh cleansing products and skip hot showers/baths, as these can strip your skin of its natural oils that help to keep it feeling soft and supple.

pHformula’s range of Vita creams give skin an extra boost and superior protection. The Vita A cream contains pure retinol which makes it an advanced treatment product for ageing skin, stimulating cell regeneration to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, as well as correcting blemishes and blotchiness.


In spring, temperatures begin to climb, flowers bloom and days get longer and we do away with heavy boots, coats and even indoor heating. But after a cold winter your skin will still need hydration and nourishment. Light exfoliation can help to remove a lot of the dead, dry skin that appeared in the winter and gentle but effective moisturizer can start to replenish your skin after the three or so months of coldness. And of course, the SPF is a constant and year-round necessity.

Particularly well suited, the pHformula S.O.S Rescue Cream, a rich cream especially for dry to very sensitive skin. It forms a shield on the skin’s surface for high quality protection which means it is perfect for protecting against winter dryness, and wind burnt skin and lips. Protecting your skin’s barrier function against the elements can help to prevent breakouts, dehydration, sensitization, and premature ageing, and the inclusion of vitamin E, urea, and hyaluronic acid ensure that your skin is healed, hydrated and rejuvenated.


We all love the feeling of sunshine on our skin and that natural glowing skin look, but mustn’t forget about adapting our summer skin care routine to protect our skin. Summer is hot and humid leading to more oily skin that is vulnerable to breakouts. Additionally, remember to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun by applying sun cream all over your body before sun exposure, and reapply regularly throughout the day. Always follow the manufacturers guidelines.

The vitamin D boost brightens moods, eases aches and pains, and can even help us sleep better. The key of course, is moderation. Sunburn is a common, uncomfortable and sometimes painful consequence of prolonged sun exposure that can include blistering, dizziness and fatigue in serious cases. In the long-term, too much sun can lead to photo-ageing, the premature ageing of the skin caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation. This usually means fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, uneven skin tone, a loss of elasticity and a loss of radiance. This damage is cumulative, meaning it builds up over the years. So in summer, it is important to help your skin maintain a strong barrier function – the function that protects against the elements and helps to avoid breakouts, dehydration, increased sensitivity and signs of premature ageing. Incorporate an SPF product into your daily skincare routine and avoid over-exfoliating, harsh soap-based cleansers, and of course, prolonged sun exposure.

Get the best protection with pHformula’s U.V Protect – SPF 30+


As the leaves turn and the temperature cools it is time to change your skin care routine once again. While the summer heat meant you probably weren’t using a lot of moisturising creams and lotions, now is the time to bring them back out. Colder temperatures can lead to your skin drying out from a lack of moisture in the air. The key to success this season is a combination of exfoliation and moisturising. By exfoliating your skin you remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin looking brighter and feeling softer. Try exfoliating a few times a week to rejuvenate your skin. After exfoliating make sure you apply body lotion to moisturise and protect your newly buffed skin. T

The Importance of year-round Skin Care

We understand the importance of year-round care for your skin and our unique and innovative products, particularly the pHformula lines can provide the boost you need to your skin regime.

S.O.S Rescue Oil is a unique combination of oil blends and naturally-sourced actives. It boosts collagen production, which softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while visibly firming, provides a natural barrier protection, and infuses the skin with a healthy glow and youthfulness. Suitable for all skin types but particularly beneficial for dehydrated, or dry and sensitive skin, it contains nutritious ingredients such as argan, sweet almond, jojoba, sesame and olive oils, and vitamins C and E.

So when contemplating the season ahead and everything it may bring, spare a thought for your skin – your first line of defence against weather and a changing environment. With a few small adjustments to your skincare routine, you can ensure your skin is protected, healthy and happy all-year round.

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