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  • “Using Radiance pHormula will give effects straight away for gray, tired, discoloured and lose skin. The results are amazing, skin becomes radiant,toned, and about 30 % of discolourations vanish. With selected acids and pure vit.C it gives me as the beauty therapist a better weapon to bridge the signs of aging. The product is fantastic, easy to use and treatment takes less than one hour. My satisfied customers who have had this treatment, are the best recommendations for my salon-Phenome of Beauty.”

    - Monika Wasiewicz

  • “It was tingly but not uncomfortable and had none of that nasty sting. My therapist performed light exfoliation and then applied a thick mask which covered my whole face including my eyelids. It was a cool and thick layer of paste on my skin. I was completely relaxed and so very cosy tucked in under the treatment blanket. Shortly after the mask was peeled away from my face and my skin felt clean, fresh and renewed. ” Read morehere

    - Sarah Stepien- Skinglow Beauty

  • After my first initial Phformula Vit C it had eliminated my fine lines for a while. My skin felt lovely and looks great and its helped even my skin tone with being quite pale & reddish. Friends & family are commenting on how lovely & glowing my skin looks even total strangers! Its not just a re-surfacing peel I love the whole pampering you get at Evenlines Clinic with this treatment, this is why I am having a course of them & will definitely carry on with them in the near future.

    - Kyme Cox- Evenlines Clinic

Radiance Boost Treatment

Treatment Description

Maximum Vitamin C concentration levels are achieved in a highly absorbable medium. An advanced system which addresses early signs of cutaneous damage.

L-ascorbic acid helps to strengthen the skin’s collagen and elastin network. The treatment is suited to use on photo-aged and pigmented skin and can help improve uneven pigmentation when performed regularly.