Vitamins For Skincare

Vitamins For Skincare

Vitamins For Skincare

Vitamins. When most of us think of vitamins, we tend to think of capsules and pills, or fruits and vegetables. Most people are aware of the benefits that vitamins can have for the body, and how we need to get a range of vitamins to keep our bodies balanced.

We tend to focus a healthy diet around choosing the right foods that we know will nourish us with such nutrients and goodness. Drinking orange juice and taking supplements are just some of things a lot of us do to try and keep our bodies healthy, when in actual fact little of us know the amounts we should be taking, both through food and medicinal ways. What can be a safer way that is often forgotten, is the advantage of vitamins for the skin. Naturally able to combat many skin problems which will benefit the skin on the outside and nourish deep, vitamins provide a wide range of benefits for the skin.

What are Vitamins?

In simple terms, a vitamin is one of a group of organic substances, present in minute amounts in natural foodstuffs; they are essential to normal metabolism. If we do not take enough of these compounds, certain medical conditions can result. The same goes for our skin. We can combat skin issues by treating skin with the natural aid found in vitamins. In fact, research shows that certain nutrients are essential to prevent and reverse visible signs of ageing and unhealthy skin.

Identifying the skin problems you suffer with personally can lead you to discover which vitamins will likely best treat your skin. There is often however multiple different types that can help combat the same problem, and likewise it’s unlikely that you can ever really make a problem worse by using vitamin infused products. Containing natural ingredients that our bodies need and are used to, the use of vitamin based skincare can be recommended for all skin types.

Vitamin A, B & C

Vitamin A – Vitamin A stimulates and thickens the dermis, which is where the collegen production occurs in the skin. Therefore, the more the dermis is activated the more collegen production can occur, renewing and repairing skin cells for a healthier appearance. Normalising and increasing blood flow also, vitamin A is known to combat issues such as rosacea.

Vitamin B – With natural healing properties, vitamin B prevents hyper pigmentation and can reduce and regulate the skins pigmentation and dark spots. Vitamin B3 is used to improve the appearance or severity of some skin conditions, whereas Vitamin B5 can help to minimise acne by helping the body to breakdown oils in the form of triglycerides and cholesterol.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties allow it to encourage a brighter and healthier appearance. Vitamin C is also helps prevent and protect against damage from UV rays. Promoting collagen production, the vitamin can drastically improve the look of ageing skin and under eye wrinkles.

With the knowledge of the power of these three vitamins in mind, pHformula has developed highly concentrated vitamin creams with 24 hour moisturising properties to offer superior results and intense hydration. The light textured Vitamin B3 and C creams contain the most effective multi-functional vitamins at highest concentrations, which deliver maximum anti-ageing benefits, ideal for daily and yearlong application. All the vitamin creams contain an advanced 24-hour moisturising complex comprised of a synergistic blend of natural moisturising factors.

Serums are also becoming a popular way to directly penetrate the skin with vitamin infusions. Having the ability to reach deep layers of the skin, serums can nourish and hydrate. The  VITA C serum tackles dehydrated skin with fine lines, containing antioxidant properties of vitamin c, it boosts the skin’s brightness and reducing the dull appearance. A concentrated and targeted way of treating the skin with Vitamin C, the serum would be ideal for ageing skin or skin that needs a healthier glow.

Vitamins can have a range of benefits for the skin, and we recommend getting in touch with your local pHformula specialist to discuss your skin type further, which will allow for the correct recommendations to be made. Find your nearest clinic today to book an appointment.

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