Winter Skin Care Survival Guide

Winter Skin Care Survival Guide

It’s that time of year again in the UK. The nights are getting longer, our jumpers and scarves are coming out from the bottom of our wardrobes, and the temperature is getting colder. Many parts of our lifestyle may change in winter, we may take extra care to moisturise our bodies, wrap up warm and fill ourselves up with heartier and healthier meals. Our skin also suffers when the temperature drops, and also needs attention as the winter comes. We’ve outlined the most common problems your skin will face in the winter, and how you can combat them. Colder weather doesn’t have to be a disaster for your skin. Use this season as the opportunity to devise an effective routine that will get your skin looking healthy for the spring and summer, as well as nourish it all winter long.

Dull Appearance 

Many of us are familiar with waking up in the morning and feeling like our appearance is looking dull and tired during the winter season. This isn’t just a result of perhaps a lack of sleep, there is actually a reason many of us suffer from dull skin in colder weather. We tend to crank up our indoor heating, increase the temperature of our showers and baths, and when we are outdoors, embrace harsh conditions. All of these factors are sucking moisture from your skin, even if you aren’t aware of it at the time. Alcohol consumption and a poor diet are also culprits that deprive the skin of much-needed oxygen, and as the winter holds holidays and festive celebrations, it could be seen as no surprise if these factors are affecting many of us.

Rather than vigorously trying to exfoliate the skin to gain a brighter appearance, a gentle but daily exfoliate such as the E.X.F.O cleanse can ensure dead skin cells are removed regularly, allowing oxygen and moisture to enter the skin’s layers. Makeup may seem the answer to getting that bronzed glow, but excessive use can actually strip the skin of natural oils and cause more of a dull appearance. Opting for a peptide or serum can directly penetrate the skin to help aid it into a brighter look. pHformula’s VITA C contains a concentration of Vitamin C, known to act as an antioxidant and natural hydrant, leaving a glowing and healthy appearance with regular usage.

Dry & Flaky Skin

We have all experienced dry and flaky irritable skin during the winter. It’s uncomfortable and sometimes painful but is very common. The good news is that it is very easily combated with a careful and effective skincare routine. The cold and dry weather outside sucks out moisture, and this combined with low humidity levels can leave the skin feeling tight and lacking moisture. Although harsh external conditions are contributing towards our dry skin, what we are doing when get inside can actually be making our skin a lot worse.
It’s very tempting to have a hot bath or shower, which although may feel lovely after a long day in the cold, could be causing more harm than good. Hot water strips the skin of oils and moisture. It’s worth listening to your skin when you’re taking a hot shower and keeping an eye on how tight it is feeling. Opting for warm water and making sure you moisturise your body afterwards, will decrease the chances of moisture loss.

In general, regular use of a moisturiser can be the savour against dry skin. Applying a moisturiser to the face before you head out and tackle the day will help form a protective layer and also nourish your skin as the day goes on. pHformula’s SOS Rescue Cream is formulated to be an ideal product to use both morning and night and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. Sometimes for cases of particular dryness, a nourishing oil can be a great choice to replenish the skin’s moisture thoroughly. Oils unlike moisturisers, have the ability to penetrate deep into the epidermis of the skin and therefore hydrate the skin fully. pHformula’s SOS Oil contains sweet almond oil, a natural ingredient known to encourage hydration. It’s also worth remembering, however, how over-moisturising without a fresh surface to start with, does more harm than good. If you see your skin starting to flake it means you have a build-up of dry skin cells. Instead of slathering more moisturiser on, exfoliate regularly.

Lips, Eyes & Hands

The lips, eyes and hands are often parts of us that you are likely to notice suffering the most during cold weather. The irritating feeling of dry and chapped lips affects many of us, and there is an abundance of products out there to help soothe the issue. However, many of these products are secretly making the issue worse. Although petroleum jelly based balms may appear to temporarily relieve the issue, all they do is form a protective seal on the lips, which prevents moisture entering or leaving. This means that the problem isn’t solved for long, and lips can actually feel drier after use. pHformula’s medicated SOS Lip Rescue works in the opposite way by actively nourishing lips. With Shea Butter, a known ingredients to retain moisture, the multitasking balm prevents and repairs dryness.

Similarly, as another exposed and sensitive area of the face, many of us suffer from particularly dry eye areas during cold weather. Not only can this problem make makeup application look cakey and creased, it can also encourage early signs of ageing and wrinkles. Using an eye cream at night can make sure you wake up feeling fresh, with the skin under the eyes hydrated. The cold can also increase a puffy and swollen appearance in the eye area. Regular use of a hydrating eye cream can soothe puffy eyes. pHformula’s SOS Eye Rescue Cream contains high levels of Vitamin E, which gently nourishes and restores notions of dry skin.

Dry hands are often the result of soaps, harsh clothing and hot water, with no restoration of moisture. Our hands are often always exposed to the elements, and we may not necessarily think to protect them in the same way we would our face. Restoring moisture in our hands will decrease the chances of premature ageing signs and age-spots. Even if you can’t visibly see signs of acute redness or dryness, regular use of a hand cream will prevent that horrible dryness that may occur. pHformula’s hand cream also contains anti-ageing ingredients, to tackle fine and lines and wrinkles on the hands whilst simultaneously hydrating.

Daily Top Tips

  1. Look into the regular usage of a serum. Serums penetrate deep into the skin to retain existing moisture as well as adding extra moisture.
  2. Turn down the heating and temperature of showers you are exposed to. Reducing excessive levels of heat will decrease the amount of oil and moisture that is being stripped from the face.
  3. Exfoliate. Dead skin cells and flaky skin needs to be regularly removed if you are also moisturising regularly. It’s important to choose a gentle exfoliate that won’t aggravate and harm the skin.
  4. Start the day right. What you do to your skin in the morning can greatly affect how the weather will affect it throughout the day. Make sure if you are wearing makeup that you use a nourishing moisturiser and remember to take a hand cream and lip balm out with you for the day.
  5. Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Although not directly related to your skincare, eating well, undertaking regular exercise and getting enough sleep are all important in the winter when our bodies tend to be fighting off illness and the elements more. These factors contribute towards a healthy body, which leads to healthy skin and healthy and glowing appearance.
  6. Hydrate your body. In general, the larger your water intake, the more moisture your skin will intake. When it’s no longer hot it’s easy to forget about drinking plenty of water. Make sure you up your intake to maintain hydrated skin.


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